Small RNA-Seq Analysis

Explore our solutions for detailed analyses of non-protein-coding RNAs and post-transcriptional regulation.

  •   Prediction of microRNA genes and targets
  •   Differential gene expression analysis of small non-coding RNAs
  •   Gene annotation of small non-coding RNAs (microRNAs, snoRNAs, tRNAs, etc.)
  •   Analysis of regulatory networks

Our experts for small RNA-Seq analysis include:

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Combine hiqh-quality Illumina sequencing* with our diverse bioinformatics analyses.

* guaranteed 85 % bases with Q30 and 560M reads per lane

Expert Solutions

Rely on deep bioinformatics experience and up-to-date scientific methods.

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Our skilled team of professional bioinformaticians delivers results rapidly.

Flexible Bioinformatics

Employ an analysis strategy that fits with your data.

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All results are reported in an interpretable way.

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Comprehensive interactive HTML reports included.

Best-in-class Methods

Ultra-sensitive read mapping with the smallest number of unmapped reads.

Reproducible Research

Reiterate the analysis at any time with new data.

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Our workflows have been tested and validated in many projects.

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Our Expertise Selected Publications Relating small RNA-Seq

(complete list of our publications)

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